Healthy Foods That Will Keep You Fit During Menstrual Periods


For every woman the menstrual periods is a very critical moment. The diet that you take during such a period play a very critical role in insuring that a person remains fit.
During this season women loss a lot of blood and very essential nutrients from the body. The loss of blood that comes with the periods is a quite high. For short period you need alter your eating habits. Those who love chunk foods such as chips you have to pause for a little while.
Foods Recommended for your health during periods

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1. Salmon
Health experts recommend Salmon because it alleviates cramps. Actually Salmon and other cold-water fish are rich in the type of fatty acids known as omega-3s. These foods help to reduce inflammation, which makes them good for general pain relief — including the pain of menstrual cramp

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2. Dark and Leafy Greens
If you normally loss blood every month look no further. Take dark, leafy greens like kale and spinach are also vitamin powerhouses that are great sources of iron. This is because during periods ladies loss iron, such foods will be very beneficial to your health.

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3. Bananas, pineapples, and kiwi.
The above fruits have vitamin B12. The Banana fruits contain vitamin B6 and a healthy dose of potassium, which can help relieve your bloating and cramping symptoms.
However, it is very important to visit your doctor if you feel an abnormal pain or condition.
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