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Hard Truths About Relationships No One Wants To Believe

Melinda Venessa




We all have experienced some type of love; been loved, loved someone, or are in the same. Real love is not a feeling, it’s a choice. It’s an action, and it’s work. The reality is that relationships are never easy. They require efforts from both partners to make things work. Both partners must be ready to compromise and be committed to the relationship. Real love evokes a need for protection, nurture, and sacrifice. So, you must be ready to extend yourself for the sake of your partner. The hard truths about relationships are what will help you create healthy expectations in your relationship.

You will not always like your partner. This might be a reason for you to break up with them because you’ve started losing interest in them, and no longer find them attractive for no sensible reason. Remember, relationships take effort to maintain, and you won’t always be happy with your partner. Fires don’t burn forever on their own, but they do for those who keep fanning them.

You will feel irritated at times in your relationship. Remember things will not always be rosy. At times, you will feel like your partner’s presence annoys you, or whatever things they do, and that’s totally normal. You need to understand that feeling annoyed hurts your relationship. Find time to sit down and have a conversation when you’re not already feeling annoyed. Acknowledge the things that aren’t pleasing to you, and listen to each other’s opinion. Communication is key in every relationship, and it’s good to always communicate how you feel.

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You will feel bored and lonely at times in your relationship. This might prompt feelings and thoughts of wanting to leave your relationship to get a fresh new vibe somewhere else with a new person. Though this is normal and is often a manifestation of fear, you need to invent new things in your relationship. Try doing a new activity together each day. Remember routine is what kills most relationships.

Conflict is certain to happen in relationships. Relationships in which people never fight are not always as blissful as they seem. Conflicts are healthy, and they provide an opportunity for making changes in your relationship since they give you a chance to work on the problems that you have in your relationship.

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