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Hacks On How To Make Your Sleepover At Bae’s Fun

Wendy Lessa



Ever gone at bae’s place for a sleepover and you wish you would have just stayed at home because you were bored the whole day, nothing special happened instead you just sat on the couch eating take away food,watch football because his favourite team was playing and before you know it you were fast asleep probably mad because nothing went as per your imagination. Well here are some hacks that will make your sleepover memorable and fun because to be honest who does not like fun?

First of all do not go there empty handed, carry something, most especially dessert, ice cream maybe but I prefer wine, trust me it always does the trick. When you get there change into something more comfortable ,I suggest one of his buggy T shirts but not too buggy, you’ll thank me later. Next in the kitchen, help me cook and make it fun while you’re at it .You can record him, make fun of his dish, just don’t hurt his feelings. You can even do TikTok challenge but careful not to burn the house.

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While he is setting the table, select a movie to watch, you can pick a romantic one, or maybe horror whatever makes both of you comfortable. Or even better if he likes football you can play FIFA and whoever loses does the dishes. When you are done eating you can help him do the dishes, also make it fun, you can sprinkle water on him most definitely he will do the same and if he does not kiss you after that leave him and never come back, he is a clueless guy.

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