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Govt Extends Alcohol Ban And Intensifies Covid-19 Restrictions

Job Maangi



Photo: South Africa President Ramaphosa

The whole world was very optimistic that 2021 year is going to be a better year compared 2020 where the economy was brought to it’s knees.

Corona virus new strain that is dangerous and that spreads very fast. Some countries across the world have imposed restrictions to curb the spread of Covid.

Vaccines which were approved late last year seemed to be promising as most people anticipated that the world could get back to normalcy.

South Africa President Ramaphosa took an urgent to reinforce the Covid-19 measures that had been relaxed in the country over fears of fast spreading Corona new strain.

Actually the government’s restrictions that are effective in the country which include the ban on the sale of alcohol, closing of beaches and bars were expected to continue up to around January 15th.

Ramaphosa expressed fear since the current Covid-19 situation is worse than how it was last year since they have recorded more people hospitalized at critical Conditions and more deaths.

Besides the extension of the restrictions in the country, the South Africa president announced that they will close the borders up to February 15th in order to slow Corona virus rapid infections in the country that have been witnessed.

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The president said that the reason why the Second wave in South Africa has caused havoc is due to the 501.v2 variant discovered by genomic scientists late last year.

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