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Government Changes Tune On Secondary Schools After Re-opening As Teachers Warned

Daniel Mutuva



Photo: Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha

The Ministry of education has changed tune in all day secondary schools amidst lunch payment. According to the Principal Secretary of education Dr Belio Kipsang, Lunch Arrangements for students in secondary day schools Should be optional. The head teachers were asked not to send Learners home for lunch fees.

This comes over the claims from parents over their unpreparedness of raising schools fees as the government announced sudden resumption of grade 4, class 8 and form 4 learning.Parents had complained they didn’t prepare for sudden Reopening thus to be given time to raise school feels.

Photo: The Principal Secretary of Education Dr Belio Kipsang addressing


“Lunch arrangements for students in day secondary schools is optional, PS for Basic Education Dr. Belio Kipsang says adding that it should not lead to exclusion of students in the event parents failure to pay.” Ministry of Education penned.

However, the Ministry of education under Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha ascertains that schools shall reopen in phases when covid-19 curve flattened. However, his move seems unbearable due to rising covid-19 curve being experienced in the second phase. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe had advised the Ministry of education not reopening next phase of students reassumption due to covid-19.

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