Government Asked To Explain Where Covid-19 Kits Went From Chinese Businessman Jack Ma


Fierce Kenyan has asked the government to explain where covid-19 kits that were issued by Chinese businessman Jack Man Went. Jack Ma had issued donation of covid-19 kits in a bid of fighting with covid-19 pandemic. However, it’s seemingly even after the donation had arrived in the country from China , they have not yet distributed as reports affirms.

In his tweet, A fierce Kenyan David Josphat claimed to Directorate Of Criminal Investigation in Kenya to expose the reality of what happened to covid-19 kits donation from Chinese Businessman Jack Ma. David Josphat further expounded that the way the donated covid-19 kits disappeared, does not make sense.

“Kindly @DCI_Kenya explain kenyans what really happened with covid-19 Kits donation from Jack Ma. Because the way disappeared don’t make sense for many of us,” David Josphat tweet.

However, As covid-19 pandemic intensfy in the country and by extension in the world, diverse countries especially from East and west have been giving out donations to Kenya to curb with the spread of covid-19. However, corruption cases attached to the donations have been reported that has facilitated the increase of covid-19 cases in Kenya.

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