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Google Loons no More as Company Shuts Down

Edwine Agesa



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Google’s parent firm Alphabet had some devastating news for it’s users. The company on Thursday January 21 decided to end it’s Google Loons Internet project.

The Google Loon project was meant to provide high speed  internet to remote areas on the planet and lasted over 9 years.

The main reason for closing down is said to be failing to find partners and a sustainable business.

This comes a year after Kenya agreed a deal with the company to provide internet to remote areas. Uhuru Kenyatta earlier last year reported that the company would help kids in remote areas access reading materials via the internet.

This, however, came crushing down with the latest announcement from the company.

“We talk a lot about connecting the next billion users, but the reality is Loon has been chasing the hardest problem of all in connectivity — the last billion users,” wrote Alastair Westgarth, chief executive of Loon, in a blog post.

“The communities in areas too difficult or remote to reach, or the areas where delivering service with existing technologies is just too expensive for everyday people. While we’ve found a number of willing partners along the way, we haven’t found a way to get the costs low enough to build a long-term, sustainable business. Developing radical new technology is inherently risky, but that doesn’t make breaking this news any easier.”

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