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Good News! University Student Registers A Political Party Ahead Of 2022 Elections

Webster Momanyi



Photo: MMUST student Amemba Magufuli

An Engineering Student at Masinde Muliro University Amemba Magufuli has teamed up with City Lawyer Riziki Dunstan to Register a Political Party known as National Reconstruction Alliance as realignment for 2022 general elections.


National Reconstruction Alliance which is currently boasting over 41 offices across the country, with an active membership of 500,000 registered members across the country, is readying itself for battling out with major Political players in the political field.

When our team reached out to Amemba Magufuli on the details of the party and how they intend to make an impact in the already crowded Political field, Amemba emphasized on the need of inclusion of the Youths in governance and political leadership and meaningful representation.

“The biggest tribe in Kenya is the tribe called the ‘Youth’. Failure to include the youths in political representation has caused more harm. To cure this malady we need youths to rise up and be counted in leadership. I am fully aware of the issue of internal democracy in the other parties, absence of a political agenda that youths can coalesce around, money and leadership deficiency, we believe that NRA shall offer a cure for this,” said Magufuli.

“As a party we are ready to take on the political sphere with the necessary ideas to shape the future of this Nation, we are probably one of the parties with a youthful leadership. We no longer want youths to be used by political players but be part of the solutions to what ails this country,” added Amemba Magufuli.

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NRA hopes to inject new way of doing things in the political space, the afro-optimism evinced by Amemba Magufuli and Riziki Dunstan paints a picture of young men who really know what they are upto.

Upon our team contacting Riziki Dunstan. He seemed reserved and not willing to disclose much about the party, with a positive agenda cooking.

“NRA has been registered, the process was so vigorous and tedious, the Political Parties Act has made the process really hard, but we made it.Keep your eyes open, we shall do what it takes to ensure Youth inclusion is achieved. We have what it takes with intentions of creating a political institution that shall outlive us. An institution founded on ideals of honesty, respect of the rule of law and Youth inclusion at the same time appreciating the role of other members of the society. Be ready to see NRA in your wards.This shall not be a ‘Nairobi Party’ this shall be a community party, a grassroot party, a party that shall bring change in our body polity, ” added Riziki Dunstan.

On the question whether NRA field a presidential candidate in 2022, Riziki Dunstan went further to clarify that their first target is grassroots, mobilising and ‘arresting’ every youth to be part of the party for the future.

“For sure our first interest is not founded on fielding Presidential candidates, we are not a political vehicle, we are a political Party for the present and the future. We intend to build robust institutions as a party and create a formidable grassroot network that shall shake our political space. That notwithstanding, a number of Presidential candidates have shown the willingness to work with us. Those who will identify themselves with the interests of the Youths will have a prime of place”.

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NRA whose head office is located in Ngong- Matasia area seems to be prepared and gearing towards an all inclusive match to inclusivity as it claims.

“As a party we shall sell our policies, as you might be aware we are just ordinary young men from humble backgrounds( Real Hustlers), but that should not be a basis of why we have the party, our ideas should be the basis of us being judged” added Riziki.

Riziki over emphasized the need to lobby and stop the current government from overborrowing, fighting corruption at all levels of government and ensuring a youth friendly government in terms of policies at all levels.

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