Good News To Slay Queens: Here Is How To Get The Right Perfume

Luxury perfumes

Concentrated perfume comes in oil form and can last a long time. Just a drop can last for a month or two, if on your clothes. Such perfumes can be quite expensive. When concentrated perfume is diluted you have Eau De Perfume, meaning perfumed water.


When Eau De Perfume is mixed, you have Eau De Toilette, which is lighter. There are some perfumes that come in both Eau De Perfume and Eau De Toilette. In this case the Eau De Toilette lasts for a much longer time.


When purchasing a perfume, you have to consider the age that you want to portray, as there are perfumes for young people. Most perfumes will have a quality linked to its name. the type of perfume you buy depends on your mood and occasion to be used for. For instance when going for dinner, the fragrance shouldn’t be too harsh, but rather mild. While window shopping for perfumes, check if it has an alcohol base in it, because the alcohol makes it last longer. You may know the perfume has alcohol when you spray it on an object and it dries immediately. If the liquid doesn’t dry out, it has no alcohol content.

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Luxury perfumes

Caution should be exercised when using the perfume, such that the perfume is not sprayed directly to the skin but clothes, from a reasonable distance. The reason being the perfume with alcohol dries on the skin, gets under the skin, flows into the blood stream and may give people with sensitive skin an irritation. Never allow someone else to try a perfume for you, because body systems are not the same. The perfume may not smell the same on different people.


If you want to try out a new perfume that you smelt from someone else, but the 50ml bottle, which is of lower quantity. After using it for some time and liked it, you can make a repeat purchase of the quantity you prefer, but if not, choose another one. Most body sprays come without alcohol content because it has to be sprayed directly to the skin.

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