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Safaricom Customers Launches Smartphones On Loan

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During this Covid-19 Pandemic life is not easy without a person getting access to a smartphone as most companies have shifted from hosting physical meetings to online meeting through platforms such as Zoom, Google and Microsoft teleconferencing.

The economic Crisis brought about by the Corona Virus Pandemic has made it very hard for most people to get access to smartphone.

The leading telecommunication service provider in East Africa Safaricom has continued to makes strategies that will Enable them remain at the top.


Actually the company in the recent financial report beat it’s competitors as it maintained it lion share in the region as they witnessed rise in the purchase of bundles without expiry by 12.1 percent to Sh40.7 billion, after recording 21 percent growth in the audited report.

In step with a report by Business Daily Newspaper that focuses on Business and other commercial activities, the Safaricom leadership announced that low income earning Kenyans will be able to buy Smartphones at KSh 20 from the 28 of July this year.

Safaricom customers will be able to buy the Smartphones will be able to buy the Smartphones from any Safaricom shop and the repayment will happen through Mpesa for period of upto 1 year.

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