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Good News To Parents On School Fees As Government Changes Tune

Daniel Mutuva



PHOTO: Education CS Prof George Magoha


The ministry of education has delivered an announcement that tend to be good news to parents regarding student’s school fees balance. The ministry of education under cabinet secretary professor George Magoha affirmed that all students should resume in school despite of school fees balance.

All Schools reopened today as scheduled by the ministry of education after a period of nine months at home due to covid-19 pandemic. The government had shut down all educational institutions due to spike of covid-19 pandemic.

CS Magoha added that children from low income homes will get free masks. However, parents are to provide two re-usable masks as the provision is only for the poor. There will be an additional of 5000 teachers and and intern of 12,000 teachers.

The ministry assured that water and soap will be provided and where there’s water issues sanitizer will be provided. The ministry further added that all students to enroll back to school despite of school fees balance.

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