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Good News To Parents And Students After President Uhuru’s National Address

Clinton Mwenje





After a long period of struggle that led to closure of schools in the whole (as a result of the Corona virus), rumors have risen up from the government that schools might be reopened next month. For many months, schools haven’t been operating since the government of Kenya was trying to minimize the spread of Vivid.


The President (Uhuru Kenyatta) is expected to address the nation on the programme set aside and the progress of his government in terms of decision making pertaining the opening of the school. All Kenyans are waiting for this day. Everyone seems to be eager to know the exact day of the week that the schools will be opened.


Preparations are already ongoing, and the teachers have been asked to report to their various schools to help in preparation for the reopening.


A lot has happened, which to be very honest, has left parents and students in a state of confusion. There are also missed reactions regarding the issue of embarking to school.


With many saying that they lack the money to carter for fees as a result of the economic impacts the pandemic has had on the nation.

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Parents and students have however today received good news ahead of the president’s expected official reopening of schools.

As written by the Standard today, Nicholas Mauti, who is the chairman of National Parents Associate (NPA) has given hope to parents and students by citing that his organization was negotiating with the government to give parents an economical package that is going to benefit them and has gone to an extent of urging the head of schools not to increase the fees.

He clearly stated that when schools resume, parents are only required to have to pay for second and third terms only. The burden for term one has been lifted.

He has also urged parents to support the looming school reopening and not to be afraid of their children safety because if the COVID-19 cases surge, then the government will communicate on the schools shut down of.

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