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Good News To Modern Taarab Fans Following The Latest Development

Casper Wamboko



safina modern taarab

Mzee Yusuf the band leader of Jahazi Modern Taarab band has decided to go back to performing Taarab music for the public audience after previously having exclusive performances for mosques, religiously. Mzee Yusuf announced his return to Taarab mid last year, as he also insinuated major changes in the Taarab music scene.

At the beginning of this year, 2021 Mzee Yusuf announced to the press that he will continue singing together with his band members in Jahazi Modern Taarab, which will assume a new name. Mzee Yusuf said that the band will now be known as Safina Modern Taarab. He stated the name change is to give growth to the band which has grown its number of members. In the band Mzee Yusuf teams up with his sister Khadija Yusuf and wife Leyla Rashid amongst other members.

Both Mzee Yusuf and his sister Khadija built their reputations and fame with Zanzibar Stars Modern Taarab, before forming their group, Jahazi.

Mzee Yusuf left Zanzibar Stars to form Jahazi in December of 2006 before breaking off the group to perform religiously in 2017. Mzee Yusuf said that the new Taarab music from Safina Modern Taarab will have songs and videos produced with the latest & highest standards, to keep in check with fellow musicians in the industry. Unlike the traditional Taarab music which used traditional African percussion instruments, modern Taarab will mostly use keyboards and at times computer generated beats.

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Then news came as a surprise to the fans of Jahazi modern Taarab who were waiting for new songs from the band, only to be treated to the name change. Mzee Yusuf’s fans were overjoyed to hear the news as they have been waiting to hear from him since 2017, only for him to release a new song in August 2020. Fans are still anxious for an album from Safina Modern Taarab which came into being at the beginning of 2021.

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