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Good News To Kenyans As Government Makes A Major Move

Casper Wamboko




Kenya Railways stated on its website, it is in the process of rehabilitating the Metre Gauge Railway line from Longonot to Nakuru to Kisumu to Malaba. The rehabilitation of the Metre Gauge Railway line to Malaba is expected to take approximately 8 months to complete.

Amongst the work that Kenya Railways will carry out is clearing of bushes that had encroached the line, construction of bridges, laying of the railway line where it was extensively damaged and ballasting. Kenya Railways will also evict anyone who has illegally settled on the railway corridor to ensure security of the corridor.

After rehabilitation of the Metre Gauge Railway to western is complete, it will be linked to the Standard Gauge Railway from Mombasa at the Naivasha Inland Container Depot. Kenya Railways is already constructing a 24 kilometer link rail from the Longonot railway that was existing, to the newly constructed SGR at Naivasha, in order to facilitate the transition of cargo from SGR to MGR. Kenya Railways will oversee the construction works, with help from the Kenya Defense Forces and National Youth Service.

All the 3 public institutions worked together previously on the Thika to Nanyuki railway line launched recently.

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The western region railway rehabilitation will be a multi institutional project. The project involves regional commissioners, Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Kenya National Highways Authority, Kenya Rural Roads Authority and regional water service providers. The economy of the western region is expected to be revitalized on completion of the project, as many jobs will be created and businesses will be set up to support the railway. The western region railway will also speed up the transportation of cargo which got delayed at the Busia border post due to restrictions that arose from the pandemic. Traffic on the roads will reduce, because once the cargo on rail reaches the station at Kisumu Port, it will be shipped over Lake Victoria into Uganda.

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