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Good News To Hip Hop Lovers Following The Latest Release 2021

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Hip Hop group Wakadinali got Kenyans talking when they revealed their rate card for 2021. In a post made on their Facebook page on Thursday January 7, the group disclosed their new charges on the different services they would be offering.

Wakadinali , which includes Scar Mkadinali, SewerSydda Mkadinali and Munga Domani, changed their fees in line with having had an amazing 2020 in the Music Industry.

Appearance fees for the whole group will now cost event organizers a whopping 30,000 for an hour. If it’s an appearance by one of them, each would be paid 10,000 for the same amount of time.

Performance will have event organizers coughing out 225,000 for an hour. This is the full amount for a group performance. A club performance will, however cost 150,000 for an hour.

Exclusive interviews will cost 45,000 for the whole group. Individual interviews will cost 15,000 for an hour.

Features and collaborations will have the main artist parting with 150k for the whole group. Individual collaborations will have the artist give out 50,000.

This new rate card follows their exploits in 2020. Wakadinali shined bright of all Hip Hop groups in the country. They went ahead to win Group of the year at the UNKUT Hip Hop awards in December of 2020.

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The group also has a new album out, Victims of Madness, which is selling at 1,000 a copy.

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