Good News To All Pregnant School Girls As President Uhuru Gives New Directive

PHOTO: President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a new Directive in favour of all pregnant school girls. This comes after a report disclosed the increase in number of pregnancies among school girls at this period of covid-19. The government had shut up all Educational institutions in a bid to curb the spread of the virus where students were advised to return home for their safety.

However, Despite of students being advised to stay at home safely till the pronouncement of schools reopening, many students have been engaging in immorality behavior that has ultimately led to increase in number of pregnancies across the country. According to the statistics issued recently from various counties across the country the cases of pregnancies among school girls reportedly to shoot.

PHOTO: Pregnant School girl 

However, president Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a bold directive in favour all pregnant school girls accross the country. Uhuru asserted that all pregnant school girls to be regestered to ensure they access free pre and post-natal care. All chiefs were directed to regester all pregnant school girls and ensure they do not fail to access maternal helathcare.

As covid-19 pandemic intensfy in the country, the government directed schools to reopen next year once the covid-19 cases have reduced and the containment measures has been effectively followed. However, parents where asked by the education cabinet secretary professor Magoha to take care of their children at home and monitor their operation to curtail immoral activities among themselves.

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