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Good News To All HELB Beneficiaries;Why They Should Rejoice

Daniel Mutuva




It seem to be good news To all helb beneficiaries thus a need to rejoice. This comes after HELB waives Ksh 1000 charge for issuing compliance certificate. This is after a bold claim emerges from youths due to unemployment where by it was termed as a punitive measure against them.

It has been a custom for one to clear with helb by paying a fee of Ksh 1000 for the clearance certificate. This has been affecting most youths who are unemployed due to lack of funds. However, On the further claims submitted, the Ksh 1000 charge has been dismissed as not part of the agreement signed by helb with it’s beneficiaries and thus should not be paid for. Here are the claims;

Alexander Mwanga, @MwangaAlexander,”This was unnecessary, you don’t call it waiver when it was not a necessity. The initial agreement with all the students that got HELB loans. The compliance certificate was not part of the deal.”

Hon. Gideon Keter, MP, @GideonKeter, “It has always been punitive to charge Sh1,000 from unemployed youth when he or she applies to get HELB compliance certificates, TODAY the fees has been WAIVED. As we win this, l also target to stop the monthly penalties and reduce the interest rate in my HELB amendment bill 2020.”

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CPA JMunene, @JesseeMunene, “HELB Clearance fee, Good conduct fee, KRA Compliance certificate fee, EACC Clearance fee should all be abolished…..The larger extent target young poor job seekers. Get back the stolen & corruption proceeds if broke.”

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