Good News! Finally Raila Reveals What Will Happen To Kenyans Amidst BBI


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has revealed what Building Bridges Initiative will do to Kenyans. BBI spearheaded by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga aims at uniting Kenyans for effectiveness and transforming the lives of Kenyans.

The document is undergoing yes or no campaign among the counties in the country.

Addressing, The former Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has said that BBI will transform the lives of Kenyans.

According to Raila, Building Bridges Initiative was purposely meant to transform Kenya to it’s better standards and improve the lives of Kenyan citizens.

Raila said that women will be given two-third chance in national Assembly as per the proposal of Building Bridges Initiative. However, some individuals including leaders tend to oppose the document claiming that it will limit Kenyans.

Up to now only Baringo County has voted no to the document. The move that has been undergoing in different counties has been succeeded by members of county Assembly.

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