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Finally DP Ruto Sponsored The Ailing Bomet Boy And Gave This Promising Message

Shadrack Olaka





The DP well is known for his unique kind-heartedness. He is the kind of a leader who has proven that we are all human beings regardless of our shortcomings.

As much as sometimes we feel as though him and the president are indebted to us because of the many promises they made of which majority haven’t been delivered by now, we will have to agree that the DP has a good heart.

In a moment think about this, many of us have planned some functions, to seek financial support for our loved ones or even friend, to be able to raise money for their treatment. But somehow if we had the opportunity, would not refuse a helping hand from the politicians. A young and promising bomet boy suffering from hydrocephalus, which means water on the brain, was airlifted to Nairobi on Tuesday for treatment.

The boy’s condition attracted the DP’s attention when he had was presiding over a function in Bomet on the previous Saturday. The 7 years old will undergo treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi and bill is on the DP.

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On the very day saturday as the DP was preparing to speak, the crowd demanded that the boy be taken to the nation’s second in command for help. The young boy’s condition is well known in the area. The Deputy President announced that he will foot the bill of Kipkoech’s treatment.

”This is now my responsibility and I will take it upon myself to ensure he’s well,” William Ruto said amid applause from the crowd.

Yvonne Chelang’at who is Kipkoech’s mother said she had unsuccessfully sought
treatment for her son. The boy has been to several different hospitals like Kikuyu, Kaplong and Longisa. She said she had appealed to and bothered well-wishers and local leaders for funds for treatment.

The buildup of excess fluid in the cavities within the brain, increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain.
The Cerebrospinal fluid normally flows through the ventricles and bathes the brain and spinal column.

The DP will be the sponsor of the treatment and whose private chopper picked up the boy Ian Kipkoech and his mother from Longisa village in Bomet East.

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