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Good News! Amazing Balloon In The Air That Provides Internet

Casper Wamboko



loon balloon

Google in collaboration with Loon, a subsidiary of its parent company, Alphabet engineered mobile networking equipment and mounted a balloon on it to act as a cell phone tower. An artificially intelligent software is installed on the equipment’s software system to control it in the air and can pilot the equipment for more than 300 days.

Loon produces polythene, tennis court sized balloons and fills them with helium to keep them in the air , in order to provide internet signals to remote areas. Loon uses an artificial intelligence technique known as deep reinforcement learning to pilot the balloon.


Reinforcement learning is getting the computer through a trial and error process in order to solve a problem. The artificial intelligence controller consults historical wind records, weather forecasting and current local wind patterns to simulate different scenarios to determine the best solution possible. The controller also checks the equipment’s power and signs of any harsh weather possibility, which may alert the system to conserve power charge and helium.

Telkom Kenya partnered with Loon to provide 4G Internet signals to the western Kenya region. Though the two firms confirmed their collaboration, they never revealed the value, financially of their partnership. The balloons hover around 20 kilometers from the ground and provide a network connection to a 62,000 square kilometer area in coverage.



Loon launched 35 balloons in different areas of the country. Telkom Kenya stated over 35,000 users on its network are connected to the internet through a Loon balloon. Apart from western the Loon balloons also hover above central Kenya, Nairobi and Rift Valley.


Earlier this year loon announced a new record set by a balloon hovering above ground for 312 days, which was more than the previous record of 223 days. This record was due to the great abilities employed by the new artificial intelligence system installed on the balloon’s equipment.

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