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“Go And Ask Him, He’s Old Enough” – Mutahi Kagwe On Son’s Viral Party

Brian Sunguti



Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has poured cold water on the widespread claims that his son has been on the forefront in going against the set Covid-19 containment measures. In a rather cold tone to journalists during his recent media briefing on the country’s status of the disease, Kagwe simply stated that his sons were above 18 years old and as such were responsible enough for their choices and decisions.
This comes just a day after social media was awash with claims about how Kagwe’s son was spotted partying and having fun with his friends contrary to set protocols of containing the pandemic. With social media users seemingly poking holes at his family for going against the very rules that their father was busy preaching to Kenyans. And when asked about the same, Kagwe was noncommittal in his response saying that his sons were grown ups and could be held responsible for the choices and decisions they make.

This comes even as the country’s cases of new infections continue to skyrocket on a daily basis. With majority of Kenyans living in total disregard of all the set infection prevention measures. Masks are not being worn properly, with social distancing at public places becoming a hard task to live with among a number of Kenyans. With the government having opened up the economy, the president had made it clear just how it would now be everyone’s responsibility to help flatten the curve.CS Kagwe has also increasingly come under fire from a section of the public. This is due to increased questions and queries about the use of the country’s Covid-19 funds. So much so that some have increasingly called for the immediate resignation of the CS, something that he has refused to be drawn into. Terming his calls for resignation as a pipe dream, and that his detractors can continue dreaming.

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