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Gloves Off! Its Aoko Vs Mutoko In A Battle Most Foul (Screenshots)

Brian Sunguti



A sneak peak on Twitter reveals a rather heated exchange of words between media personality Caroline Mutoko and one Maverick Aoko. So vicious has this battle for wits and ideology been that it has drawn both men and ladies alike into it, with everyone seemingly picking their side of the fight. It would be a huge understatement to state that Maverick seems be laying bare her case far too well for Mutoko to handle it. And what comes out clearly among this two women is an ideological difference so wide that we could all fit in.
It all started with Mutoko on her YouTube channel when she noted that men were contracting Covid-19 and further succumbing from it at a far greater extent than women. According to her, men were predisposing themselves to the virus more than women due to their lack of proper body hygiene, health awareness and treatment and a general laxity and a don’t care attitude being exhibited by them. Unlike women who according to Mutoko were contracting the disease and dying from it far less coz they are more self conscious with their general body hygiene.
That women were taking care of themselves, following all the protocols in place, were likely to go get tested and treated and hence improving their chances of survival. But that men were the exact opposite, a thing that they have always been even before the onset of this pandemic. But in a swift rejoinder, Aoko came out tweets blazing brandishing Mutoko as a toxic feminist hell bent of advocating for a feminism that was ill informed, shallow and lackadaisical. Aoko did not shy away from attacking Mutoko for always advocating for toxic feminism, and shallow equality of women at the expense of educational empowerment.
That Mutoko and her band of socialites and feminists worship big butts and material wealth and trash talk men for the sake of it without any clear policy framework for their so called feminism. That during the day they attack men with all sorts of names and at night they go dishing out themselves to those very men for monetary kick backs. And even as Aoko’s tweets came flooding in, her charisma, gusto and passion for a better, economically emancipated yet highly educated woman with values and principles was crystal clear. Her dream woman and that of Mutoko were two different definitions with two different world views and based on two very different premises.
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