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Gengetone Love! Meet Odi wa Murang’a’s Fine Girlfriend Finna Maina Who’s Turning Heads Online

Melinda Venessa




Macharia Gachuha, popularly known as Odi wa Murang’a, is a 22-year-old Kenyan gengetone artist who is part of Boondocks gang. He is known for his firm voice which distinguishes him from other members in his group. He’s been on the limelight for his notorious hit songs like Mboko Haram, C.O.M.O, and Mathogothanio to mention a few, which have a good reception from his fans since the songs are well-versed with good lyrics expressing youths life.

He is also known for his hip hop, and rap theatrics, and the gengetone music space has really drawn limelight in his way. Furthermore, he is one of the baddest guys when it comes to writing songs and doing freestyle. The artist has also come out to be unique through his hairstyles which are characterized by unique dyes.

The gengetone artist has his private life and love life away from the screens and public eyes. However, he is not new in the dating scene as he has bagged himself a ravishing damsel, Finna Maina. The gorgeous short fine lass is a stylish light-skinned beauty who has proved that their love is here to stay, and their flame is not burning out anytime soon.

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The two are quite young and look perfect together, and are seemingly humble as well. Finna, who’s the apple of Odi’s eye, describes herself as a philanthropist, a thespian, and a humanitarian, with her lover calling her all the sweet names in the world, “his future,” “his ride or die,” and “his illusive magic”, with dearly captions on their pictures showing great love between them.

Although Finna Maina loves to keep low profile, from the look of her pictures, she is definitely an amazing girl. She has gradually been gaining popularity in Kenya because of dating the gengetone king, Odi wa Murang’a. And in most cases when the group is working on a project, his girlfriend is always around.

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