Genge Star Mejja Reveals Break Up with Wife

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Mejja and his former wife. Picture courtesy.

Musician Mejja disclosed that his relationship with his wife had ended badly for him. Speaking to Tuko on Saturday January 30, the star confessed that he had broken up with his wife.

Mejja even went ahead to note that he had been depressed for a while after the break up.

“What I can tentatively say is there is nothing as painful as that. That situation left me really depressed. I mean it would be less hurtful if I knew maybe there is something I did or she did that hurt us but it’s nothing like that.  Apart from that, she is a good woman, she is a good mother. She made me very religious. I wasn’t much of a praying type but after I met her I became very prayerful. She even used to help me when writing lyrics… It is not easy. She was my best friend – my everything,” Mejja said

The two had been together since August 2019 after Mejja had broken up with his former wife of five years. The rapper also revealed that he had a hard time moving on from that marriage due to the way they ended things.

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The first wife broke up with Mejja over a text message which drove him to a point where he considered taking his own life. He, however, found love later and was enjoying it until December of 2020.

He did not get into detail of why they had to break up but only mentioned long-distance as being one of the main reasons why.

Mejja has been taking the industry by storm with his amazing verses and quotable lines that have made him one of the hottest rappers in the country right now.

The rapper is also set to be included in Tanzanian star Harmonize’s new album.

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