Gambling And Depression; How Betting Has Contributed Suicide Cases Among Youths


With the increase in unemployment rate in the country, youths have been left hopeless with no source of income. Those who come from very poor background, have opt for illegal ways to make end meet and to provide for their young siblings and to make their parents proud of them.



Some have joined various gangster groups as some take drugs just to forget about their problems. Some have also been lured into sexual activities with older and sick people just to make a living. In all cases, it has always ended in tears.



There is another group of gamblers are who are highly depressed; gamblers.

Gambling has increased depression and suicide cases among youths, especially teenagers.

In last year, the government came up with strict measures to control gambling activities and money laundering.

With high taxation, many gambling sites closed down including major gambling company in Kenya,Sportpesa.


Last week, the gambling company announced its return to the Kenyan market after complying with the laws of the land.

Photo: sportpesa logo


As many youths are celebrating its come back, hoping to win big and make huge profits, they should be much more worried as this will cause them more depression and may lead to most of them committing suicide.

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As much as the gambling companies are paying high tax and some of them supporting local sport activities, the government should consider the welfare of the youths. The gambling activities should be totally banned and those addicted to the activity be rehabilitated. Just like drug addiction, gambling is also addictive and have serious negative effects.



Many suicide cases have been reported in the past involving youths. On further investigations, many at one point have been depressed. Constant losing of money due to gambling makes the victim feels valueless. They isolate themselves as they think others will not value them.



When a gambler wins, they will celebrate the winnings with their friends, they will stake more hoping to win big. Things always get out of hands when they lose everything they have gained within hours. Instead of quitting, they find ways to stake more to recover their lose. They go to the extreme of even taking loans from lending companies and friends.



On realising they cant pay the loans, they commit suicide as they think it is the only way to end things.

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However, not all is lost. In regards to this, parents, guardians and close relatives should always create time to talk to the youths. They need someone they can talk to, someone close to them and can confide in. This will reduce the depression, loneliness and the suicide cases.


Meanwhile, the government should come up with ways to totally shun the gambling activities in the country. Additionally, youths should be supported in various activities to keep them busy and give them a source of income.


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