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Former Tahidi High Actor Gifted Land

Edwine Agesa



High actor Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh during an interview on a show on Youtube-9cd62a82

Peter Kinuthia also known as Omosh can afford a smile on his face as he received good news. According to online reports, the actor was gifted land worth Ksh500,000 from a local Real Estate Agent.

Omosh, who had been in the media talking about his struggle, cried tears of joy when he was presented with a title deed.

The former Tahidi High actor received a lot of promises after he went online and asked Kenyans to help him as he was struggling to take care of his family.

He also mentioned that he had not been at work for a while now and could not afford to feed his family.

The actor received promises from fellow entertainers such as Jalang’o who promised to raise over Ksh 1 million for him.

Acting companies and other TV shows also promised to offer him roles in their programs if he was willing to do it.

Omosh was once a favorite among most Kenyans who watched the Tahidi High TV show that was on Citizen TV.

The show was cancelled a few years back leaving Omosh and others out of a job.

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