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Forget Rashid Abdalla! Lulu Hassan Reveals Another Person She Loves

Job Maangi



Photo: Citizen TV Lulu Hassan with Rashid Abdalla at the news room

Citizen TV Journalist Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan have made it not only in the media Industry but also in the film industry.

Their passion for local Television dramas has enabled them to produce award winning telenovelas such as Aziza, Kovu and Maria.

Whenever they stand to present news, what makes them to be admired by very many people is their dressing code as they normally match their outfits always.

Rashid’s wife has managed to be the master of ceremony in many functions such as the recently concluded Mashujaa day celebration where they worked hand in hand with Fred Machoka.

Lulu Hassan posted a photo of her mother who is behind her Success, that has stood with her for a long time.

Photo: Lulu Hassan and the mother

“This photo sums it up for me ..the year that was!..I came out stronger, wiser and and had the smallest circle around me…I pray that 2021 will be even better, good life and good health inshaAllah…” Lulu Hassan remarked.

She that her mother encouraged her do productions just when she was giving up on jiffypictures and she can boldly confess that to date she is one proud mama.

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Citizen TV Journalist Lulu Hassan asserted,”Mama as we call her has held my hand .through thick and thin ,she taught me that in this murky media corridors one has to have a thick skin to survive and oh yes I took her advice and that has been my driving force.”

“#Appreciationpost1 I LOVE YOU,” Lulu Hassan said.
She promised to be forever be indebted to her mother and prayed that God keep her for us.

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