Forget Covid-19! Danger In School As Fresh Details Emerges Taking Life Of Student

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After recent reopening of all educational institutions that had been shut down for nine months due to covid-19, fresh details are emanating setting Learners in trouble.



To comply with covid-19 protocols, the ministry of education in line with the ministry of health had laid down covid-19 containment measures to be followed in schools in a bid of curtailing further spread of coronavirus.



One of the major containment measure imposed is the use of hand sanitizer in school for regular cleansing of hands. However, the measure has tend to be a threat die to it’s results that has set eduction in trouble.


The bottle alcohol based hand sanitizer recommend by World Health Organization (WOH) for cleaning of hands has turned to be a threat in Education camp.

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They were recent bank in schools over the claim of being the causer of fire break out, the cases that has been rampant in the last two weeks.

However, fresh details has emerged on new danger of sanitiser in school despite being used as a weapon against covid-19. Following the Reports by daily nation newspaper dated 22 February 2022 hand sanitizer has turned now hazard in schools.

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According to the Reports, a student died and three other colleagues have gone blind after imbibing the liquid. The recent fire fire incidents in schools were also linked to hand cleanser.


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