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Forget Covid-19! County Govt Makes A Major Step

Dennis Avokoywa



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Photo: Kakamega county hospital gate

County remain upbeat on fighting Covid-19 pandemic and possible 3rd wave.

Kakamega County has set out a robust plan in slaying down the third wave of covid-19 pandemic if it emerges in a densely populated county and across the country.

According to health CECM, Dr. Collins Matemba who spoke to the standard yesterday said that the county has rolled out a robust plan and programme in fighting the pandemic ranging from medical equipment, training of health workers and increasing the health facilities and infrastructure.

Dr. Matemba also said that unlike last year when the 1st and 2nd wave of the deadly virus caught them unaware, this time the county is more ready to tackle the possible new 3rd wave of the pandemic.

He admits that the county at some point was overwhelmed, however with the possibility of the 3rd wave of covid-19 in areas with very high mobility pose danger but as a county all systems are ready to prevent it.

“The county has partnered a lot with other health partners like the US government and its agencies in making sure that we are well equipped with the necessary tools like personal protective equipment in our hospitals and health workers,” said Matemba.

The county government has since acquired two dialysis machines that were not there last year to help fighting covid-19 related illness.

“Last time we lost one of the senior officials of the government due to lack of enough equipment and machines as the virus got us un aware due to its strange nature.”

Furthermore, among the equipment that cost 525million that the county has acquired are, 14 ventilators, complete 30 ICU beds, baby warmers, cardiac monitors, and mobile X ray machine.

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“With this acquired equipment’s we are currently doing in service medics training to operate the machine we are also planning to set up more Intensive Care Unit(ICU) wards across the county specifically in Likuyani, Malava and Butere sub-counties,” said Matemba.

The health chief adds that with the arrival of new vaccines yesterday in the country also in large part boost their effort in fighting the pandemic.

Additionally, he said that once the vaccines will be distributed in densely populated counties ready for administering, they have already rolled out administering plans for the jab to the residents.

“Already we have sent seven of our health workers in Nairobi for training on how to administer the jab as we are among the first counties to receive the vaccine, I therefore urge Kakamega residents to come out in large numbers and get the vaccinated,” said Matemba.

Consequently, he said last year they experienced a hurdle in convincing people that Covid-19 was real due to the myth that was surrounding the illness and rhetoric from some politicians.

He further warned the politicians not again to mislead citizens against receiving the jab and creating myths among the people around the roll out plan for vaccination.

“I am calling upon the residents to come out in large numbers and lined up for the jab, in fact I will lead by example as the government official in receiving the jab just to show how safe the vaccine is. We shall create awareness and advise our people not to be misled by the politicians,” said Matemba.

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Dr. Matemba also said that as they wait for the distribution of the vaccine in the county that will also serve as a distribution Centre in the entire western region, he urged the residents to continue observing health guidelines protocols.

“As we wait for the jab let me plead with our people to continue putting on face masks, washing their hands, using sanitizers and observing social distancing rules as Covid-19 is still here with us,” said Matemba.

Victor Zimbulu,the medical superintendent at Kakamega County General and Teaching Referral Hospital (KCGTRH) says that they have acquired enough medical equipment and they are planning for infrastructure as a level six referral hospital is being constructed.

“The equipment is with us and the beds are high end seven function beds that are multipurpose from the normal ICU beds making Kakamega the only county with such,” said Zimbulu.

“We have explained to the executive what is needed concerning the workforce for critical care to tackle the pandemic, we are optimistic that training and recruitment will not stall,” he adds.

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