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Finally Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo Say “I Do” At The Attorney General’s Office

Wendy Lessa



We do not know if it is clout she is looking for but all I know is that it was about time she settled down. In her recent post Vera Sidika hinted that she and Brown Mauzo are husband and wife.


Although there has not been any proof of their reunion except Vera’s instagram post which said that she has gotten married to her best friend and now she is proud to announce that they ate officially husband and wife.

Well we all know her for her past nasty breakups which makes people wonder if their relationship with brown Mauzo will be any different but Vera cannot just make up such a huge story because in the end her image will be then one ruined when all hell breaks loose. Word on the streets is the two said I do in Mombasa at the Attorney General’s office before coming back to Nairobi.


For now love seems to be winning despite the constant critics they have received with netizens warning Brown Mauzo to get away while he still can because at the end he will be the at lose after investing a lot on her alleged wife plus the drama that follows after the break up, Otile Brown can attest to that.

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Some of Mauzo’s friends admitted that lately he has not been focused on his business ever since he met the love of his life, Vera and they are constantly counting loses as his business is slowly burning to ashes but he is too blinded by love to notice it.


Sources confirm that some of his friends did not attend the ceremony because they still see their relationship as a sham. Mauzo also has some

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