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Finally This Is The Owner Of The Hand Bag Inside Private Jet And Not Betty Kyalo

Daniel Mutuva



It has been finally indentified that the owner of the brown hand bag spotted under the feet of Mombasa county Governor Hassan Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed in a private Jet did not belong to the former K24 anchor Betty Kyallo as affirmed. This comes after Joho and Junet Mohamed left Kenya for Dubai to visit the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who went for Minor surgery in the Arabian region.

In the Photo of junet Mohamed and Joho inside a private jet that was heading to Dubai, a brown female hand bag was seen down the there feet of the duo Raila’s allies that went viral in the claims that it belongs to the former K24 anchor Betty Kyallo who reportedly to have accompaned them. The brown bag resembles to the one Betty Kyallo was pictured holding with his hands in a different image.

However, it has been identified that the owner of the bag was different and not Betty Kyallo. In a picture captured after the arrival of the duo Raila’s allies, a different female was seen holding the bag that was said it belong to Betty Kyallo.Reports aforementioned governor Joho dates Betty Kyalo and they are friends. However, the claim has been dismissed.

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Both governor Joho and Suna MP Junet Mohamed pinned a Photo in their twitter account upon their arrival in Dubai. This is where the owner of the brown hand bag was spotted holding it and thus clears the air on fake allegations on Betty Kyalo.

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