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Finally Kenyans Reacts Terribly After Governor Waiguru Was Set Free By The Senate

Daniel Mutuva



Kenyans have reacted Terribly after Governor Anne Waiguru was set free by the Senate. Waiguru had been Accused by the Kirinyaga county assembly Members for the abuse of Office, gross misconduct and disrespect of the law.

Today on 26th June 2020, the Sanate set Waiguru free on the Impeachment Case tabled by Kirinyaga county assembly Members. A committee of Senators selected to deal with Waiguru’s Impeachment Case reached it’s final move today.Waiguru has Finally escaped the Impeachment driven by Kirinyaga county MCAs.

However, Kenyans Have reacted Terribly to the rule made by the Senate on Anne Waiguru. They asserted that justice wasn’t done on the claims that the committe selected was biased on the aim of saving governor Waiguru. Here are the reactions of Kenyans;

“Poor Kenyans will never get justice! I was expecting 70% senators to vote Waiguru out after all corruption allegations were proven. May the Almighty save MCAs and Kirinyaga residents!,” Follow me I follow you back pinned

” Kenyans vote for thieves then cry later Pike they didn’t know what happened,” Marcos Bright reacted.
”  Maybe governors should be tried in a court of law and not corrupted political bodies that are so easily manipulated & white at it. Could we get rid of the Senate as arm of the N.A? It’s proved to be just a puppet for the executive,”Jane Njoroge reacted.
” Continue armtwisting Kenyans by buying institutions to suit your ambitios we are going Lebanon way economically and your Protecting corruption,” SMART Plumbers tweeted

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@Beloved John pinned, ” Everything rises and falls on leadership.Governor Waiguru should have fallen since her government is corrupt.  Senate don’t tell us there’s no direct link of allegations against Mumbai Wa Waiguru. In Leadership the leader must take full responsibility.”

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