Finally Health CS Kagwe Speaks On Vaccine For Those Who Have Not Received


Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, has warned that not everybody can just walk into a vaccination centre in the country and be vaccinated for Covid-19.


Addressing the press on Monday in Nairobi, the Health CS explained that vaccines are not available to everyone but they are being given using a prioritised vaccine list.


The CS stated that a distribution of about 530,000 doses of the Oxford-Azteneca vaccine has already been done to many regional centres across the country, with more than 40,000 persons vaccinated until today.


Any officer who is eligible can get the jab freely at any selected facility and at any referral in the country.


However, the Health CS noted with concern that some selected vaccination facilities (especially the private) are turning away the officers who are not working for them urging them to administer the vaccine to ‘qualified members of society’.


He clarified by saying that so long as the facility has been designated as a site for vaccination, it should serve the vaccines to all qualified members of the society without discrimination. And that the designated sites should, however, administer to those not prioritised in the list because vaccines are not yet available for everybody.

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The CS Kagwe said that the centres for vaccination would have to account for every dose that has been used, which must be matched against an eligible person for accountability reasons. Kagwe urged the medical officers to follow the guidelines while giving doses of the vaccine, and insisted that legal steps will be taken to those breaking the rules.

The Health CS finally asked the front-line workers to get the jab at the nearest facility available to them and cautioned those who have already been vaccinated to keep off from being exposed to the virus again since a person doesn’t become immune immediately after being vaccinated.

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