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Fierce Kenyan Attacked DP William Ruto Accusing Him Terribly

Daniel Mutuva



A fierce Kenyan has attacked the deputy President Dr William Ruto over Diverse accusions. Ruto has been Accused as the enermy of progress even as he embrace his efforts towards working for the people of Kenya.

DP Ruto is known to be hard working and determined person who is committed for the well being of netizens as per reports.

However, a fierce Kenyan has disclosed the narrative Behind DP Ruto terming him as the enemy of progress in Kenya and with his people. In a post pinned at twitter, Morio Flani asserted that DP Ruto is busy driving his own agenda and not for the Kenyans

“The real enemy of progress in Kenya is DP Ruto and his people.They are a funny lot always driving their own agenda and not that of the Kenyans,” Morio Flani pinned

However, DP Ruto has been Accused over diverse corruption Scandals where by the narrative is attached to politics in an aim of curtailing his 2022 Presidential ambition. Ruto has been Accused in embezzling government resources for his sole benefit.


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