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Fearless Moses Kuria Storms Trump And Biden Elections With A Handshake Deal

Job Maangi



Photo: Moses Kuria and Incumbent USA President Donald Trump

The USA Presidential elections latest results data indicates that Biden is leading with 264 college votes and 74,795,300 total cast votes.


Trump is right behind him with 214 college votes and 70,533,207 American votes, this means that Biden has won 50.6% of the votes while Trump 47.7% of the votes.


American 2020 presidential elections has greatly divided the with almost half of the voters Supporting Biden and Trump respectively.

Kenyans interest in the American politics has caught many political analysts and proponents by a very big surprise.

Self proclaimed general Dr Miguna Miguna was the first to attract the attention of many when he said that he has received requests from many Kenyans to swear in Donald Trump as the People’s President.

Miguna Miguna said, “To Mr. @realDonaldTrump: I am an experienced Barrister & Solicitor in Ontario, Canada. I have received instructions from millions of Kenyans asking me to swear you in as “The People’s President.” Please get in touch so that we can discuss my fees and other incidentals. MM”

Ruto’s close ally Moses Kuria joined Miguna to give his verdict concerning the American elections that have attracted the attention of many people.

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Moses Kuria remarked that whichever way the US Presidential election goes, both Trump and Biden will have garnered around 70 Million vote and each candidate controls half of the country and cannot just be ignored thus power sharing is inevitable.

“Trump Wins, Biden must be Prime Minister and Kamala Harris Deputy Prime Minister. If Biden wins, Trump must be Prime Minister and Mike Pence Deputy Prime Minister,” Gatundu South member of parliliament said.

He said that America is badly divided and inclusivity is necessary for healing. The Winner-Takes-It-All mentality must be avoided at all costs.

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