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Fear Emerges As Female Suspect Arrested For Kidnapping A 3 Year Old In Kisii

Shadrack Olaka




The Police officers in Kisii have arrested three women who are believed to be behind the kidnapping of a boy aged 3 from a place called Nyanchwa within the county.


Head of Criminal Intelligence in Kisii County Aden Guyo said that the Special Crime Prevention officers who were tracking the main suspect succeeded after a restless four-day search of the culprit by the officers.



Identified as Ruth Moraa, the suspect was caught on Saturday morning at around 4 am while hiding in Keumbu alongside Mercy Kerubo aged 30 and Teresiah Onsongo who’s 55 at age.


Moraa allegedly kidnapped the child from a village called Nubia in Nyanchwa which is in Kisii Town, after separating him with other two children whom he was playing with.



She tactically gave the two ksh 10 each and asked them to go and purchase ice cream from a shop nearby and was left behind with her target.



The 35-year-old suspect according to Guyo, had earlier given the police officers a hard time in tracking her as she switched her phones off.

Guyo said that they have been looking for her but at last through their own intelligence systems and cooperation with members of the public.

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The suspect is currently detained at Nyanchwa Police station, waiting to be taken to court.


In addition, Guyo said that detectives were still following some leads that could possibly unlock a child theft syndicate which the woman is involved in.


It was moments of joy and sweet reunion for the family and their child after he was restored to them after some days of anguish and mental torture.


According to father of the child, they had not experienced any sort of peace until when they received a call from the detectives to go and identify the child.


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