Facemask Became A Coveted Comodity

So what happens to the millions selling that face underwear called a barakoa, for a living if these vaccines finally help eradicate COVID-19?
What of those who manufacture them? The pandemic had already provided employment to a section of the population, and as much as we want is gone, we also sympathise with those who made good use of the silver lining that came with the dark cloud
How the face mask became the world's most coveted commodity | Coronavirus | The Guardian
In other news, London is burning as we were singing in those nursery rhymes. The London that is burning isn’t that of UK, but that of Nakuru.
A mere civic by-elections had attracted the attention of the nation like no other
UDA was supposed to be a very popular party with massive ground support, especially in her bastion, Nakuru, but the faces of all the party honchos in the campaigns, is an indicator of struggle, very contradictory to the initial position of strength.
When you get an entire army, including your best squadron out, with the most potent of your military arsenal, it tells everyone that the enemy, Jubilee, remains a difficult nut to crack in the mountain and her colony (protectorate)
In Matungu, the split of the anti Rayila votes may see the ODM candidate win.
Nonetheless, all the three candidates have a fighting chance. A defeat for Mudavadi’s man will severely puncture his state house bid. He needs victory more than the two.
In Kabuchai, the lion will roar very early in the morning. That’s what scared Jakom out of the by election. Unlike ANC which was shaky in Vihiga and even it’s gubernatorial candidate was trounced of ODM, the lion has a firmer grip on Bungoma County.
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