Facebook Sends A Warning To All Users Amidst Covid-19

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Social Media giant Facebook came out to say that they were willing to help solve the pandemic. According to a blog put out by their company on Monday February 8, Facebook said it would help in banning all accounts with false information on Covid19.

Facebook claimed that there were so many accounts, groups and pages that were debunking information set out by medical experts.

The company promised to ban these users from spreading false information especially on the now popular Covid19 vaccine that has started being distributed in other countries.

One popular notion is that the vaccine was a man-made virus that would instead cause autism if injected into a person. This had spread like wildfire with more people believing it.

The Tech giant had promised to start filtering out such information since December 2020 but the trend continued into the new year.

Facebook noted that it would work closely with John’s Hopkins University which has been at the forefront of diseminating clear communication about the virus.

This comes as more countries prepare to receive the Covid19 vaccine. According to the Ministry of Health in Kenya, citizens will be able to receive the jab this month.

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