”Extend Curfew To 11pm” Says Ole Kina as Mogoha’s Plan To Reopen Schools Still Unkown

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The President of the nation, Unity Kenyatta is due to address on his 12 state on national address on Tuesday 29th (Tomorrow).

Different leaders have already given out their views and opinions before the presidential address which is less than 24 hours now, channelled to the head of state.

Hon. Ledama who is the senator for the ODM (Narok) is one of the people who have already requested the president to humbly extend the ongoing curfew all over the country. He suggested that extending it is better off than lifting it. You’ll agree with me this is what’s all Kenyans in general have been crying for.

Ledema Ole kina had a live interview with the Citizen TV and he clearly stated that His excellency, Uhuru Kenyatta, with his government, should come up with an economical package for bars and even for the unemployment who just litter around the streets. He also Added that the curfew should be extend from the current time to 11pm.

To add on, after the Medics and researchers in the country cautioning the government not to underestimate the Covid 19 buy just looking at the curves, Mogoha’s plan to reopen the schools hasn’t been cleared yet. All the learning institutions have been closed for the last 6 months now. And this is all as a result of the corona virus.
Even though this is the case, the president is yet to address the nation about the decision the government has made regarding this matter.

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However, Doctor Moses Masika, who is a virologist from the University of Nairobi, has clearly stated that the decrease in the numbers of infection is a good sign. He added that still, the reduction in numbers doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal now. We still need to maintain the low numbers to be at a better place.


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