Expect A Rastafarian Governor In This County


Mathenge Mukundi made news countrywide last year when his photos went viral as he was being admitted to BAR. His head was wrapped in a turban instead of the usual barrister wig.
The high court advocate Rastafarian has made headlines once again as he declares his interest in the Nairobi gubernatorial seat over the weekend. The move caused various reactions from the public.
Through an interview in a local media house, Mukundi said that he will vie for the county top seat in the2022 general elections.
“I expressed my interest in the position in 2020 when Mike Sonko was impeached. Although the by-election was halted following many petitions, I am still in the race come 2022,” said the lawyer.

Mathenge Mukundi who graduated with a Degree in Law from Kenyatta University before joining the Kenya School of Law added that he will take the city and change it for the better.

‘’I am putting myself out there in confidence that I will save our youth from drugs and substance abuse’’. He added.

The high court advocate has also hailed the BBI agenda citing that it will bring unity to the country and more development to the public.

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“The BBI has created seventy more constituencies. This will enable people like me to vie for the increased leadership positions,” he added.

Mukundi expressed his passion in running the city as he claims that he has always wanted to fight and defend the basic human rights and the only way to achieve it was by becoming an advocate.

“I am inspired by people like the late Marcus Garvey, who was a political activist and if elected as the next Nairobi Governor, I will focus on changing the lives of the youth,” he said.
The lawyer claimed that as Rastafarians, they are not biased and that they embrace everyone with love and harmony.

Despite graduating and getting attention last year, Mukundi is yet to land a job and is currently selling clothes online. This he has contributed to the coronavirus pandemic which has seen many Kenyans losing their jobs as others are paid on a reduced salary.

“I am yet to get a job and it is very difficult to job-hunt during the Coronavirus pandemic. I am hoping things will be better soon. My cousin and I run an Instagram business account that we use to sell second-hand clothes and that is how I get my daily bread,” he disclosed.

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