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Eric Omondi Raises Worrying Concerns After The Wife Material Show

Edwine Agesa



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Photo: Comedian Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi disclosed about his struggle after his popularized show Wife Material. Speaking on Radio Masisha on Thursday January 28, Omondi reported that sponsors abandoned him.

He noted that it was hard for him to get sponsors as most of them thought his show was controversial and not family friendly.

This depiction of dating on live television had the comedian struggling to keep his sponsors and other endorsers.

“Luckily, I am the most followed personality in Kenya. I feel very blessed and thank my fans. It is because of them that I get endorsements. Sponsors see these followers – who are fans; actual people, who love and follow me,” Omondi said. 

He also affirmed that female critics of the show were just jealous

Everybody is saying I was using them; they were like there are only nine women in Kenya and I took off with them… It reached a point I had to read between the lines; for women, there were hints of jealousy – the ‘boy child’ was with me…”

The comedian has also promised to continue with more shows on his YouTube channel as he aims to build his brand following the opening of his studios.

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