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End Of The Road For Ethic Entertainment Crew? Management Responds To Rekles’ Alleged Exit

Melinda Venessa




Rumor has it that Kenya’s most popular gengetone artists, Ethic entertainment group, is broken already. This is after word came out on 26th September that Rekles has allegedly exited the group and decided to go solo. This rumor however seems to be true because the artist has been seen to be featuring solo in multiple hit projects without the rest of his group members, the most recent one being Willis Raburu’s ‘Kalale’ hit song and dropping solo hits like Geezer, and Deep Down.

Things might not be working right for the ‘Pandana’ hit makers since their music gets heavily judged by Kenyans with most of their hit songs getting banned such as ‘Tarimbo’, and also Rekles going solo in his projects and participating in major collabos with some of the biggest legends in the gengetone music industry. This is something that goes against the group’s binding agreement and is considered a breach of contract.

For a group to be successful each member is very important since each one of them plays a role by bringing something different to the table which makes the group unique, and when a member decides to exit then the group is as good as dead. Ethic’s group management however came out to respond to the claims about the group’s splitting on its Instagram page after a local media house published, “End of the road for Gengetone group Ethic Crew as Rekles makes an exit” and a surprised fan posed a question, “Is this true?” to which the management responded by saying, “Naaah, rumors tu”. There you have it now, Ethic crew is still intact.

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Fans in the comment section section had their positive and negative feedback with some loving and other enemies of progress hating on the group, as others made fun of the group’s situation at hand.

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