Education CS Prof Magoha Gives Another Directive Ahead Of Schools Reopening

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The Educational Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has given out directive to be followed when the schools will open On September. Professor Magoha asserted that each classroom should have a maximum of 15 to 20 learners when the schools shall reopen. The government had shut up all the Educational institutions in a bid to curb the spread of covid-19 across the country.

Professor Magoha also affirmed that each Pupil will be given at least 2 masks as a preventive measures against the deadly virus covid-19. The government had already commenced making masks of about 24 Million to Cater for students during Schools reopening. Also the the government in collaboration with the ministry of education shall ensure that each learning institution has positioned regular water points for frequent washing of hands.

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PHOTO: Primary Pupils

However, stills claims are emerging whether it can be possible for the government to reopen schools as covid-19 cases rises. Some individuals has been contradicting the government’s action of reopening the schools saying that it’s endangering student’s life and rather claims the schools to be reopened next year after the government has laid bold strategies for school reopening.

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It’s reportedly that most schools doesn’t have adequate facilities to cater for the measure of social distancing. Also reports affirms that it might be a task for some primary pupils to mantaining social distancing and other measures. The government had advised to create awareness first among students before Schools reopening.

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