Draining The Tax Payers Pockets; MPs To Travel For a Benchmark in This country.


Kenyan tax payers money have always misused in one way or another. Over the past years, different scandals have pop up and billions of money lost. However, no culprit has been identified and the money stollen, has never been recovered.

Kenyan politicians have again surprised the public as the Members of Parliament (MPs) are planning to travel to Thailand for a benchmarking trip. The benchmark will be on how to combat the rising insecurity in the boda boda sector.

The benchmark’s main purpose will be to help the Members of Parliament from the National Assembly’s Security and Administration Committee to learn various ways of bringing sanity in the sector that has employed ten of thousands of Kenyans.

The Security and Administration Committee chairman who is also the lawmaker for Kiambaa constituency Paul Koinange, said they had chosen Thailand because the country has managed to effectively control the sector albeit they have more motorcycle taxis than Kenya.

“My committee is planning to travel to Thailand to also learn more, benchmark about boda boda because places like Thailand they have more motorbikes,” he said.

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The legislator added that plans are underway to roll out a program which will address the increasing road safety challenges caused by boda boda operators.

According to a report released by the government, more than 1.6 million licenses were issued to such operators since 2019 up to date. The report also shows that the boda boda sector is being used by criminals to advance their activities.

“Like the matatu industry that at one time was infiltrated by lethal gangs like Mungiki, there is fear that boda bodas could be heading the matatu route if adequate policy interventions are not implemented in good time,” part of the the report reads.

The big question is, is it really necessary for the Lawmakers to travel to Thailand for the benchmark? is tax payers money being used effectively?

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