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Dr Mercy Mwangangi Before Covid-19 (Photos)

Job Maangi



Photo: Dr Mercy Mwangangi with Officials

Before the Covid-19 pandemic the ministry of Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi had been going around the country launching various development Projects however very few people knew about her.

She drew many peoples attention when she started giving state address on the Corona virus pandemic after the first case of Corona virus was recorded in the country.

CAS Mercy Mwangangi has proven to be a very private lady. The beauty Queen rarely posts in her various social media platforms .This nullifies the possibility of anyone knowing who her husband could be.

In her Instagram account she only publicly posts official duty pictures. In Facebook most gentleman have demanded to know whether the Cute CAS is married or not.

Dr Mercy’s official dressing code indicates that she is a very focused lady who doesn’t tolerate nonsense.

The youthful CAS is amongst the Lucky beneficiaries of the president’s heart for the young people. After she came back into country from her Masters studies in Australia back in the year 2015 the president appointed her as the current serving CAS for health..

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