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DPP Rejects Babu Owino’s Bid Of Withdrawing The Attempted Murder case Against Him

Shadrack Olaka



Photo: Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino

The application made by DJ Evolve to withdraw the attempted murder case against the Member of parliament for Embakasi East, Babu Owino has been rejected by the court.

Mr Paul Ongili famously known as Babu Owino is charged with two counts. The first count, the MP is charged with the offence of an attempted murder following events that took place at B Club on 17th of January, 2020.

Owino is reported to have unlawfully attempted to kill Felix Orinda, also known as Dj Evolve by releasing a bullet on his neck.

And in the second one, the lawmaker is charged with the offence of misbehaving while carrying a gun.

However, on 24th of September in the year 2020, the attorney representing DJ Evolve, Mr Kenneth Mumbo, stated that the family would wish to withdraw the case.

In an epistle written to the Director of Public Prosecution, the family explained that it wanted Orinda to concentrate on his treatment rather than the case which is pending.

Evolve’s family stated that the two had been very good buddies before the incident.

But Mr Noordin Haji, the DPP sought time to review the letter, which also included having the victim properly examined by a psychiatrist to make sure he was in good state of mind while making the application.

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Haji rejected the application of withdrawing the case, stating that the state is the complainant in criminal cases and is mandated to charge.

In addition, Under the victim protection Act, it stated that the victim’s interest is paramount and should be differentiated from the victim’s wish.

According to Haji, the public is interested that the case should proceed to its logical conclusion.

In the past, the defence had stated that it’s not in order for the prosecution to always pursue retributive justice as there are many alternative forms of solving disputes.

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