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DJ Mo In An Entanglement With Mistress For Four Years!

Wendy Lessa



DJ Mo’s skeletons are finally Being unveiled to bite him in the ass after her side chick exposed him to the whole world and gave every detail about their affair and guess what thanks to the one and only tea master Edga Obare we now know that the father of two has been cheating on his wife for four years, sad!

Although he does not look like it considering the perfect life they operated on social media and their reality show keeping up with the Murayas this time there is no come back for him the evidence is out.


We do not know if there will be a divorce coming soon since it is all clear that he has broken his family just because he could not keep it in his pants plus after all the drama going on in their marriage size 8 clearly needs a break.

His mistress even went ahead to leak photos of their video chat and what is even more shocking is that their affair has been there since 2016 and the lady obviously knew he was a married man, I mean they are a celebrity couple but still went ahead to date him claiming it was love at first sight for the mix master and that is how their entanglement started.

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I don’t know about you but Size 8 does not deserve DJ Mo, she should just leave him and go be happy, I mean the mistress has nothing compared to the mother of two. It’s clear that his husband doesn’t see or appreciated that but he’ll never know what he got until it is gone but according to me I think it is too late for him.

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