Digital Money! Here are Three Alternatives to Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency right now and it continues to gain momentum with the world of technology. As of January 2021, a token of Bitcoin was valued at $50,000.

It may be the most popular of all cyptocurrency but here are other 3 type’s that are also gaining more popularity in the digital space.

1. Ethereum

Abbreviated as ETH, this is a form of decentralized software platform that enables Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications. It was created to form a suite of financial products that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere on the planet.

As of January 2021 it’s token value was $1,218.59.

2. Litecoin

This type of cryptocurrency is abbreviated as LTC and was launched in 2011. It was created by Charlie Lee, a graduate of MIT and a former engineer for Google. He created Litecoin as an open source with the aim of establishing a form of global payment that was not restricted by any external factors.

As of January 2021 it’s token value was set at $153.88.

3. Cardano

Abbreviated as ADA this coin was founded by Charles Hoskinson. Charles, who was once a founding member of Ethereum, left the coin to venture into Cardano. He had disagreements with the ETH team and did not like where it was headed. Cardano was created to be a better version of ETH and also to offer competition. The coin is yet to get into the market fully but it continues to have a steady rise.

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It’s current token value is set as $0.31.

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