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Diamond Does It Again: Meet Tanasha’s Replacement

Wendy Lessa



No matter how many times his exes speak trash about him the East African mega stars Diamond Platinum keeps on winning and bagging the hottest ladies all over East Africa from one improvement to another.

I mean it did not come as a surprise since sooner or later he was going to find a woman for himself although many thought that he was going to get back with his recent ex Tanasha Donna who is a whole package plus they both have a lot in common but no, sorry to burst your bubble but Diamond has new catch.

Meet Tanasha’s replacement Miss Patricia Aika. She is a hottie by the way just like Simba likes it but I do not know about you but she kind of looks like Tanasha which tells us a lot ,maybe their still hope for Tanasha because if Diamond is going for Tanasha’s look alike then it means he is not over her. So far the news has received its fair share of critics since we all know it’s going to end up with her getting pregnant and later being a single mom with no child support because who does not know Diamond is a dead beat father and all his exes can confirm that.

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I am sure Miss Aika is aware of Diamond’s past and would let herself be tricked and reduced to getting pregnant for him to satisfy his ego instead use this opportunity to build herself, it’s no doubt she will be famous after all this so let us hope she manipulates that fame into a business opportunity so that when hell breaks loose she won’t go and make noise on social media about how the jeje hit maker wasted his time.

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