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Diamond A Deadbeat Dad? Tanasha Confirms Diamond Barely Offers Support To His Son

Melinda Venessa




Popular Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna, who’s also an ex-girlfriend and baby mama to Diamond Platnumz revealed that the two have never communicated ever since they broke up early this year after siring a kid together namely Naseeb, and this was fuelled by few issues from the in-laws from Diamond’s side who were meddling in their relationship.

Diamond’s mother involved herself too much in their relationship which made it difficult for the two lovers to make their own decisions in their relationship, and this forced Tanasha to walk out of the relationship which she reveals that ever since they parted ways, the Tanzanian bongo star has neglected and has never provided any form of support to his son Naseeb.

Speaking during an interview with journalist Tony Mwirigi on TV47, the young mother opened up about her relationship issue with Diamond and when asked whether the two were co-parenting, the young mother frankly revealed that there was no communication between them. She further stated that she could not force Diamond to be involved in their son’s life. Asking for child support from him would be like begging him to fulfill his responsibility as a father.

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Tanasha went on to say; “If you support, you support from the heart. I’ll prefer usinisupport Kama I have to force you to support.”

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